Vitamin D

Vitamin d foods
Vitamin d foods

Vitamin D


  • Fat-soluble vitamin. A more correct to talk about the vitamins group D. It includes five vitamins – D1, D2, D3, D4, D5. The most important one is vitamin D3, called calciferol. In medicine, vitamin D drugs are used prophylactically to treat rickets, certain skin diseases. However, excessive intake of vitamin D can cause poisoning, is a serious complication of drug overdose, especially in children. Contraindications for prescribing vitamin D are diseases of the digestive system, heart failure, acute respiratory diseases, infectious diseases. In summer, with enough sunshine vitamin D drugs are usually not prescribed.


  • Vitamin D is essential for the growth of the body, especially the bones and teeth. It promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Excess calciferol leads to an increase in calcium in the blood and its deposition in soft tissue.
    The daily rate. 200 – 500 IU (micro Units). The need for vitamin D increased among people whose work is related to the work under the ground (miners, employees of the subway) as well as the inhabitants of the North during the polar night.

The ABCs of vitamins:

  • Sources. Contained in egg yolks, liver, fish and animals, butter, eggs. Small amounts of vitamin D are found in fungi and some higher plants. It is produced by exposure to sunlight in the body.
    The consequences of the shortage. Lack of vitamin D causes disease in children, which is called rickets. Rickets affects children living in areas where there is little sunshine. The age at which children are most susceptible to rickets – from three months to two years. To prevent the disease rickets child should be provided with adequate food. Sometimes, starting from 4-5 months, the doctor prescribes drugs vitamin D.
  • If a child is restless, not sleeping, his hair falls on his head – perhaps this is the initial symptoms of rickets. Children with rickets, late teething, long closed anterior fontanelle (normally it grows by the year, or early in the second year of life), they lag behind in the physical and mental development of their peers. Girls rickets is particularly dangerous because it can cause abnormal development of the bones of the pelvis, which further adversely affect the course of pregnancy and childbirth.Timely diagnosis and treatment of rickets can prevent severe consequences and will achieve full recovery.
  • An illustration of the fact how important vitamin D is to the body, can serve as a case described in one of the books of the famous zoologist and writer Gerald Durrell. His zoo monkey paralysis ill and died. The vet suggested that the disease is caused by a lack of phosphorus in the body. However, the animals received a sufficient amount of phosphorus with feed. Guessing that the body of monkeys for some reason, does not assimilate phosphorus, the doctor suggested to make sick animals injections of vitamin D3. And a miracle happened! Soon it began to improve, and in a month the monkeys have fully recovered.