Renova/Tretinoin reviews

Lynn, 34 y.o.

I had acne vulgaris, including the formation of comedones (sebaceous plugs into the mouth of hair follicles) and Renoca cream helped ma a lot. Doctor prescribed it to me.

Aly, 30 y.o.

I was treating a very strong acne which I had for 2 years. After 2 month use of Renova cream- I finally got rid of acne.

Maggy, 32 y.o.

This cream helped me with a problem of solar pigment on my forehead. Nothing was helping me, even lazer procedures. Be careful when you using this cream as you can’t have any sun during the treatment.

Tara, 37 y.o.

I had a chickenpox and after that appered many scars. Renova (but during long time about 6 month) got rid my face of that ugly scars.

Leyla, 54 y.o.

I love this cream! By the way- it is really good for a wrinkles. Better than any other expensive cream! But sun is forbidden!!!

Emma, 33 y.o.

Yes, I also use this cream for my wrinkles and irt is amazing:)

Anja, 31 y.o.

I want to try this cream for my acne

Kim, 44 y.o.

My doctor prescribed me this cream and I hope it will help! Got my order already, thanks for fast delivery!

Betty, 26 y.o.

The best of the best for acne!!

Matilda, 24 y.o.

I want to try this cream but don’t know if I will have any side effects of it?

  • Admin, — y.o. @Matilda, please read the description of the drug carefully.