Retinol molecule
Retinol molecule

Retinol effect and instructions.

Retinol (or vitamin A) was taken in childhood by our parents. And they were very unhappy: the substance contained in the downright awful-tasting fish oils. Today, the beauty industry allows to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment of the funds on the basis of retinol: creams and serums with a pleasant aroma and delicate texture allows to rejuvenate the skin, get rid of acne and irritation.

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Retinol – a substance which has a small molecular weight, whereby it can penetrate deep into the skin and activate the process of growth of new cells. Moreover, regardless of the age of the person under the influence of vitamin A new cells are formed without deformation and with a good resistance to external factors.

However, the choice of means with retinol, keep in mind that it is important not so much the presence of the substance in the cream or serum, as its concentration. The higher concentration is more effective means of influence on the restoration of elastin and collagen fibers and improves skin elasticity. The permissible limit of retinol funds for home care – 0.2%.

Features of influence

Before retinol used in cosmetics for the treatment and prevention of acne and for healing of wounds on the skin (obtained for example as a result of aggressive cosmetic procedures). Regarding recent studies of this substance showed that retinol also helps to smooth the skin, improving its elasticity, and daily use of funds from retinol it has the effect of filler – ie has the ability to completely fill out and smooth out wrinkles.

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To be effective, the effectiveness of retinol should be supplemented by other active components, so choosing one or another means, give preference to well-known companies that are independently developing the most effective formulas and test them repeatedly.

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Recommended Use

The skin should get used to the action of a formula containing retinol. Since Retinol – one of the most active anti-aging products, skin can react to it in the first application redness or tingling. If the first application appeared uncomfortable, use the product every day, and one time in 2 days – give the skin time to get used to the action of retinol.

Apply the product with retinol 1 times a day, morning or evening. To enhance the effect of reducing make a 1-minute facial massage: without stretching the skin, stroking the face of the massage lines from the bottom up from the center to the periphery of the face.

Apply your chosen means of dotted or wrinkles all over the face, avoiding the eye area.

Using the mean retinol increased skin sensitivity to sunlight. Therefore, before going out, always use safety equipment by a factor of at least 15 SPF (sun care, foundation, BB-cream).

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